Upbeat Class

With all the original Upbeat ‘showstoppers’, plus many more songs and activities.

About the program

Upbeat Class is a developmental music program covering the musical growth of students for the first seven years at school.

Designed for every classroom teacher, the program provides clear, simple and engaging activities to meet all needs in a music curriculum. Students learn by listening critically, by performing with skills and knowledge and, importantly, creating and performing their own music. Using examples and ‘real music’ from a wide range of historical and geographical styles, refined vocal models and recordings of the highest quality, music becomes a necessary and enjoyable part of the total curriculum.

Upbeat Class includes:

  • more mini-musicals based on traditional tales
  • more performance and concert items
  • electronic whiteboard instrument charts
  • traditional and creative dances
  • music reading AND writing!
  • a new hard-copy Teacher book and incorporating
  • the Upbeat Songbook Collections
  • new Activity Books for every student

The components (at each level)

The Teacher’s Book gives families of activities grouped in units of work that highlight each musical concept (Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, etc.) Simple, short, teaching ideas with a minimum of reading supported by high-quality instrumental music and excellent vocal models on the 4CD pack make lessons engaging and meaningful. (More than 200 activities per Teacher Book) Evaluation sections at the end of each unit clarify individual and class progress.

The 4CD pack contains all songs, raps, rhymes and musical excerpts for Listening, Singing, Playing, Moving and Creative work plus self-correcting Evaluations to formally test unit outcomes. In recording Upbeat Class, professional performers, arrangers, conductors, technicians, programmers and music specialists in different musical cultures and styles are employed.

The Song Accompaniment CD for every Level enables class singers and performers to add their own vocals and improvisations in class lessons, assembly and concert presentations. The ‘backings’ to songs encourage class composers to write their own versions of lyrics for performance.

The Upbeat Charts on a CD-ROM especially encourage the reading and writing of music. Designed for use on both computer and electronic ‘whiteboard’, the models presented to the student ask class composers to write and perform written music of their own invention.

Activity Books can be used as stepping stones through the year, to keep the Music Curriculum on track. Let the journey through the year’s Activity Book be the guide to a comprehensive and successful record of student achievement... and a reference for next year’s teacher.


Ring, write or email for a free copy of the Upbeat Demonstration CD! Contact details are at the bottom of the page!