Great Musicals for your school!

The Piperman

The story? A comic version of The Piped Piper of Hamelin! Is Tom the village idiot? What is he doing with all these pet rats? He only started with one pair and now thousands of them come running for a feed when he plays a familiar tune on his recorder.

Running for about an hour, The Piperman has speaking parts for 5 or 6 principals, many smaller roles, choruses and solos for singers and can be performed by the whole school if required. A 2CD set containing all vocals, accompaniments, script and piano score.

Five Musicals in one pack!

A musical for each grade level. Creative classroom adventures in the five arts: dance, drama, media, music & the visual arts.

  • full recordings of the 5 musicals: dialogue, songs and dance music
  • all song backings for school performances
  • all the scripts to make as many copies as possible


The King’s New Clothes

A delightfully humourous retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen story in which a king's vanity leads him to public humiliation – he is literally caught with his pants down! As an introduction to the more traditional Broadway musical, this one invites presenters to experience all aspect of the arts.

Suitable for Year 3 and above. Duration: 50 minutes – 1 hour.

Li Gee and the Parrot

Based on a traditional Chinese tale, this libretto tells of a carpenter, Li Gee and his beautiful rainbow parrot which almost ends up as the dinner of a wicked magistrate. Full of chorus songs and dramatic mime, this musical allows for much improvisation in dance, movement and mime.

Suitable for Year 3 and above. Duration: 30 – 40 minutes.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

This little musical can be presented to an audience or spontaneously dramatized in the classroom. It's also a great experience in language development with its emphasis on rhyme, rhythm and repetition. Introduce this as reader's theatre, reading and singing along. Suitable for Year One and above.

Duration: 10 - 15 minutes.

Seven Little Sailors

A 'sung-through' musical with plenty of room for improvising drama and movement. It's the story of seven silly sailors who go out fishing and think they've lost someone – until they solve the mystery. Suitable for Year One and above.

Duration: 10 minutes

Get Up ‘n’ Shut the Door

A 'rap' musical, fun for a small cast....maybe a video clip? It's about a stubborn suburban couple who are robbed because of their own stupidity. Suitable for Year 3 and above.

Duration: 10 minutes.

Three Jeffrey Leask Musicals... in one pack!

All the ingredients for a wonderful musical mix ...the songs, the scripts and the music accompaniments on 4 CDs. Suitable for small casts or large with singing and speaking roles for a variety of main characters and all the extras who want to audition.

Nowhere Boy

A country with a scarcity of water? The Beautiful Country? The Lucky Country? A mythical (?) land in which Lazy Queen Lottie and her people waste resources and continue to live the good life ...until one day, a mysterious but enchanting boy arrives...

Suitable for a major presentation or class project with speaking and singing roles for upper grade performers and many 'extras' and chorus parts for all grades. Duration: 50 minutes – 1 hour.

Giant John

John is a very, very tall boy everyone calls a giant. The Magic Children who live in the forest near John and his poor Mother love to sing magic songs which make John dance. Even when John goes to work for a Royal Family, the Magic Children follow John, make him dance and mess up everything.

Performers in Years 4 and above can take the leading roles while choruses of Magic Children, Courtiers and Townspeople can be played by any-age groups. Duration: 40 – 50 minutes

Little Red Rockinghood

A 'rap-rock' musical, a short curtain-raiser, special concert item or class project, this chamber musical retells the traditional tale in the golden days of rock'n'roll. Little Red is the best dancer on the block. One day as she is on her way to Granny's – the local soda shop – who should accost her but Wolf O'Malley, that real, big bopper!

Upper-school performers relate strongly to the tongue-in-cheek style of this little rock opera. It can be extended to a full-length musical with more improvised dialogue and the addition of famous rock songs. Duration: 15 minutes.

10 Musical Tales

Ten traditional tales written or selected by Jeffrey Leask and retold with music. A great introduction or retelling of the story in another genre. A necessary classroom asset, a valuable addition to any literacy program.

As concert items, assembly items and classroom dramatisations, these sharp, short showstoppers range in length from about 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

The Three Little Pigs

A disco-rappy version in rhyme, this will have the audience huffing and puffing with laughter.


What will happen when Pinocchio tells a lie? This mini-musical has a message.


A musical ballad reclothes the rags-to-riches tale. The perfect soundtrack for dramatisation.

Going On a Bear Hunt

A disco-rappy version in rhyme, this will have the audience huffing and puffing with laughter.

When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears

A quainter, more traditional version of the goldilocks story.

Off to Squintum's

The cunning fox visits a number of farmhouses. Why? He's up to something... but what?

Don Gato

The purrfect tail of a spanish cat.

The Sleeping Princess

Actually, it's the story of Sleeping Beauty and a beauty to perform.

The Wild Colonial Boy

Boy, what a wild story... an Aussie legend.